Endless trials.

I’m just getting back into dating after a long relationship/marriage/divorce, and the current dating scene is horrendous. Sure, I’ve tried the dating sites that exist and the endless swiping that comes along with it, and the daily matches suggested, but honestly, it’s almost becoming not worth it. Every day I get suggestions on okcupid of who I might “click” with, and almost every one of them, I’ve “liked”. With NO reciprocated likes. Ive had bumble matches that never message, tinder matches that don’t respond, daily “bagels” that never respond, and whatever else. 

The entire modern app-centric dating system is rigged, or at least allows the shallow desires to skim the top of the water without actually breaching the surface. I feel like an ugly inhuman with every unsuccessful match. Where’s the incentive to continue looking for potential mates if it’s like throwing. Basketballs at a fence and seeing how many get through. 

I guess the analogy can be boiled down to a condom, it’s keeping thousands of potentials out of a one in a million chance. 

It’s hopeless. I am not terrible looking, I’m in decent shape, I’m a good person with a decent job, a loving daughter, and I’m still relatively young. So why do I feel like such a pariah?

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