the undercover athiest.

I had a bumble match quite a few weeks ago; she had a simple profile; and cute pictures; and i was surprised she had swiped back on me. I woke up one morning to see the new match; and since bumble requires the match to make the first move (i definitely like that aspect); i responded as soon as she messaged me that morning.

What began with the typical ‘what do you do’ kind of talk; i made a joke about her profession which was listed as a pirate. She responded that it was more or less an office job; and i said the first thing that came to mind was the intro to the Monty Python’s Meaning of Life intro skit; which was the Crimson Permanent Assurance; a tale of swashbuckling old men in a bank fending off investment pirates and sailing their building to a New York to begin a hostile takeover of an American company. I didn’t think she’d get the reference, but remarkably, she did! She had the day off, and while i still had to work; we continued chatting throughout the day, discussing various things and keeping each other entertained. I asked her what she was up to for the day; and she mentioned later that day that she may be going out for a drink in the evening; at which point, i mentioned i was planning to do the same, and asked if she would like to get a drink with me. She agreed, and we agreed to meet at her preferred location, a bar/restaurant in her neighborhood where she felt comfortable to meet a stranger.

I arrived at the bar shortly before she did; and while i made myself comfortable and waited patiently for her to arrive; i played a dumb game on my phone; and ordered a beer.

She walked in and immediately reprimanded the bartender for suggesting she watch a depressing movie, and why he couldn’t have given her a heads-up on what the movie was actually about. I watched in awe as she had a fervent argument before she turned and said hi to me. She was pretty, cute, and looked exactly as her photos had suggested. We spent the next couple of hours talking, and learning things about each other; which was great, we had a great time.

Before we met that evening, i had told her, i was terrible at reading social cues and body language; at which point she said she was pretty bad at it too. We had agreed that if there was any interest in one another; we would express it verbally, so it was clear.

I told her i was having a wonderful time, and was enjoying our interaction, and expressed my interest. She agreed, and said she was also interested. YAY!

A little while later in the evening, we had gone out for a smoke together, and i expressed my desire to give her a kiss; at which point.. yeah… we did engage in a mutually enjoyable session of facial contact and saliva exchanges.

This happened a few more times throughout the evening; before it was time to go. At which point, i walked her back to her apartment (i try to be a gentleman) before heading home. I walked back to the train and texted her to tell her that i had a good time and look forward to the next time we could get together. We bantered back and forth for a few minutes as i got on the train. And then i realized i had got on the train heading in the wrong direction.

After reaching Howard, i turned back around, and headed home.. said goodnight and we made plans to get dinner the following Friday. We met for sushi, which she had never tried before; and then drinks after.

I had three successful dates with this girl; we had a great time each time; although she was apprehensive about my impending divorce status; i assured her i was interested, and would be done with the divorce soon. Kissing was as far as we got; nothing more, i don’t want to rush into anything, and i was happy with that.

One week of radio silence followed. Stuff had come up, family emergencies, and other things; and we talked a bit, and she said she’d let me know when she’d be available to get together again.

Two weeks more of radio silence. and the only word from her was “Sorry.”

that was the last i heard of her. I was sad, there was so much potential to that relationship; and she just walked away. Was it something i did? was it something i said? nothing. no closure. I wish her well; and I keep moving forward. on to the next challenge.

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