present you with a rock.

The online dating scene has been a bit quiet for me the last week or so; no new likes or matches; so nothing really to report there. I had however met an interesting girl last weekend that was delightful to meet; even if she was bragging about her mario and tetris skills, but eventually got trounced.

I wasn’t even thinking i was going to get a number out of the experience, but before i left for the evening, she insisted that i get her number! I’m very much looking forward to getting together with her again, however i’m not exactly sure how this waiting game is supposed to be played. I got her number on saturday, and i texted her saturday; she was busy, then i texted her again on tuesday, and she was busy; but not like she was ignoring me; this is just one of those games i have NO idea how to play.

Why is it a game we’re thrown into when we’re interested in someone new. Games are dumb. I think if two people are mutually interested in one another, why can’t we just be honest and say “hi. i like the shape and proportion of your face, and would like to perform human activities with you, as another carbon based lifeform.” I’m not even concerned about the possibilities of mating at this point; i’m more interested in making new friends and other physical contact that doesn’t require the loss of clothing.

Another thing.. seriously. this one is irritating me. Again; i much more prefer OKC, and how data is presented about how likely i am to be compatible with another human being, seeing what their responses to questions as well as little details about how they see themselves. The data is quite helpful in determining what interest i have in a person, well beyond the superficiality of their pictures.

but here’s the problem; OKC gives you a daily email with people you will match with; and great, they are all 94–99% compatible; have similar tastes and interests, and would seem to have a complimentary set of values that would be beneficial to me. However, their current system of communication is lacking in any sort of way to breach the wall. If they don’t actively look at another profile, and ‘like’ it, then they have no way of knowing if that other member is interested in them. Messages are only shown to you if you both ‘like’ each other. So even if you think you’ve found a perfect match, or someone you’re interested; you have no way of getting their attention. This is where the disheartening aspect of the online dating scene comes into play. Its a numbers game, whereas you’re expected to swipe/like/click on everyone, and just hope that someone with value responds? This makes no sense. In the real world; if you like someone, you can smile, or wink, or put effort into creating a unique and memorable gift to get their attention, and let your intentions be known.

There should be a system established for those of us introverts who are afraid to make the first move, to let other humans know you have interest in them. like some strange science fiction future where you present another human being with a shiny stone (not a diamond) to begin the courtship ritual.

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