kick me in the teeth.

There’s nothing better than modern online dating to destroy anything left of your self confidence. The last few dates havebeen good; but never went anywhere; and i thought it was just the lack of chemistry, or just not being able to tell if they were into me or not.

Well, its not you.. its me. I thought i looked decent; i mean, at one point, i was married, and sired a child; so i couldn’t possibly be that unattractive to the opposite sex; and i get occasional matches on these hellish landscapes people use for dating nowadays. But those ‘matches’ don’t respond to messages; or just pretend it never happened. I’ve resorted to other options as well lately; looking for that certain demographic of girl, with similar interests; I posted a ‘looking’ request; completely honest; just looking for someone to meet and if we’ve got chemistry; sure, lets hang out on a regular basis, begin one of those human interactions that some people call a relationship.

I actually got a response. i checked out her posts and she sounded like a nice person, i’m curious. so i responded and we chatted a bit; she asked what i was looking for; and then bam. she asked for what i look like. i send a couple pictures.. and yep.. dead silence. *user not found*

i’m not even decent enough to warrant a ‘thanks-but-no-thanks’ response. so.. thanks for that. maybe i need a makeover.. or just someone to give me some suggestions on how to look more human. blah. gut punch to the dignity.


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  1. Shouldn’t draw such a negative conclusion by ONE person being an asshole. It really just shows you dodged a bullet!

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