the one with the cute smile…

Well, this girl i met via Hinge; and throughout the last week, we’ve been texting and messaging back and forth, and had good conversations; and tonight we finally met up. I thought i’d try soemthing different tonight; and suggested we meet at a wine bar; which i honestly know nothing about wine, but i figured, maybe it’d be a unique way to meet up and see where things went.

I think i had drank too much coffee this evening, having left work and headed towards the neighborhood we were going to meet up in; i had enough time to stop into a comic book shop and buy a few novels that had been on my recent list; and then i was able to sit at a coffee shop nearby and get some work done before meeting up with her.

This was probably a mistake.. already having a full days worth of coffee in my system, and now to add alcohol to the mix; i was anxious, fidgety, and probably talked way to much. but i was in a good mood; so i hoped i was at least being somewhat entertaining?

I have had an extremely busy week so finally getting to a point where i could effectively relax, i still couldn’t calm my mind down enough to have a solid coherent conversation, not to mention every place we had gone, i could barely hear her; she was soft spoken, and i’m already going deaf. I interrupted her mid sentence more than once to ask her to repeat herself, and at some points could only make out portions of her conversation. i felt terrible about not being able to hear her completely, but i think i was able to at least make some sort of impression.

I need to find a quiet, impartial location to meet for these dates; i don’t care for loud bars; coffee shops sound more appropriate, but i’m pretty sure if i were to meet up and continue to consume coffee, i would probably come off as a coke addled tweaker.

I think we did actually have a good time, we laughed a bunch, and learned a bit about each other; but often i was at a loss for conversation starters; we have similar tastes in things, but i can never tell if i’m appealing or muddling through complete nonsense or showing just how out of touch i am…  at the end of the night; we hugged and went our separate ways; we’ll see where this one goes next… p

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