The one that was like a sloth…

Last night, I went out with a girl I met via OKCupid. Her pictures were cute; she had a bright smile and everything else I was interested in; I should have known from the start that she wasn’t going to work out. Her profile was sparse; she had put in the least amount of effort into filling out the questionnaires; answering the bare minimum of the questions asked and providing just enough to make her seem like a normal human being.

She asked where I liked to hang out; and I suggested my usual hangout; which i was more than happy to agree to; since it is my usual bar; but she didn’t even make any effort to suggest another location; or make any inquiry as to what we were going to be doing for the evening.

Now; here’s where i give her some credit; she did warn me ahead of time that she was already tired; but insisted that she would come out for a drink. Great. i’m not going to force anyone to go do anything against their will; but i could have accepted the ‘i’m sorry, maybe another night, i’m really kinda tired’ defense.

Like a trooper; she showed up just when she said she would; after even checking in to make sure i was going to meet her. I let her know what i was wearing (standard issue Darth Vader Hoodie) and was sitting in a specific location at the bar.

Immediately, i was struck by how low energy she was. I asked if she was ok, or if she was just nervous about meeting a complete stranger; but no, she was totally comfortable meeting.. she just had NO energy. she seemed to just agree with everything i said; and didn’t offer any additional conversation. I couldn’t tell if I was making any sort of impression on her; as you see.. i have this weird thing, where i tend to score on the aspergers scale, and i have a REALLY hard time reading emotional, physical, and language cues in other people. So.. was this going well? I couldn’t tell. I had arrived at the bar at least a half hour before she did, and was treated to a few shots before hand, which i figured would give me just enough liquid courage to be my charming and goofy self without coming off as a complete weirdo.

After an hour of our interaction; she got up to use the bathroom, and one of the other patrons of the bar; asked if she was high, or if i had drugged her drink.. aghast, i said of course not; but he was afraid she was about to fall asleep or fall into a coma shortly thereafter.

She looked like her pictures; she just didn’t smile; she matched her profile; in that it provided little detail, less personality, and while if she had been a bit more activated; i would have been more interested; but she just wasn’t all there.

and so ends another date.

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